Certainly not Medieval torture!


Visiting an Osteopath can be shrouded in mystery, and is often talked about in sentences such as "Everything went crunch" and "They twisted me into a knot!". We very much believe that treatment shouldn't be like this, and instead it should be gentle and effective, with subtle techniques that are selected specifically for your unique case, and definitely NOT like being punished on a rack! Some of our most common questions are answered below:

Why did I get asked that?

During your first visit, the therapist will take a full history of your complaint, including where your pain is and how it effects you, along with some information about your past medical history such as any operations or illnesses. The information allows us to make a fully informed judgement about your condition to safely treat you. Rest assured, all information is kept strictly confidential at all times. You are welcome to a copy of your notes if you wish though in some cases we may charge for this.

Do I need to take any clothes off?

As with a visit to a GP or other medical professional, to examine you effectively it may be necessary to ask you to remove some clothing, but we will NEVER ask you to remove your underwear. We are happy for you to bring loose fitting shorts and a camisole top if you prefer, we’d rather you felt comfortable!

Can I bring someone with me?

Of course, we love talking to people! You are welcome to bring someone for all of, or just part of, your visit. Children 16 years and under always need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

How “hands on” will my treatment be?

We need to feel the muscles and joints both at, and around, the effected area to help us identify the problem, but we will ask you permission where required and explain anything you don’t understand, just ask us.

My pain is here, so why examine there?

Sometimes the root cause of your problem may be in a different area to your pain, hence why we examine other areas to rule out certain things. If you are unsure why we are doing something please stop us and ask us why, no question is silly regardless of how insignificant it may seem.

Will treatment hurt?

Treatment is tailored to your specific needs so can be adjusted to your comfort levels and shouldn’t be painful, but sore muscles can be mildly uncomfortable when treatment starts. Do stop us and tell us if you are uncomfortable. It is worth noting that some people can feel mild soreness and stiffness following treatment, however this is usually short lived and appropriate aftercare advice that suits your case will be explained to you during your visit.