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Sports activities are a regular way of life for many, involving a wide range of people from all age groups and fitness levels, from the casual participant, to the elite professional athlete. Many of the injuries people suffer during sport are a result of overuse, i.e. playing too hard to often e.g. tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow and biceps tendonitis. They can also commonly be due to poor technique, poor posture, and failure to warm up or down properly during a workout or even ill-fitting equipment.

The good news is that although sports injuries are common, those who are fit tend to recover more quickly and easily from their injuries. Our therapists have in depth knowledge of sports injuries allowing them to restore balance to your body, improving flexibility and movement to enhance your performance.

Sports massage provides a deep tissue massage to the body tissues that can focus on muscles relevant to a particular sport or activity. it is widely used to prepare or recover for exercise and to aid recovery from injury. Along with osteopathy, sportsmen massage can help remove toxins such as lactic acid and move swellings from collections of lymph fluid.

Along side using targeted massage and mobilisation techniques to treat your injury, we can also help with rehabilitation programmes using stretching and exercise therapy, and provide dietary advice to keep you in top condition for your specific sport.

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