The technique used to study function and motion of the mechanical system.
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The term 'biomechanics' refers to the technique used to study the mechanical system's function and motion the effects forces acting upon it have within a living system/structure.

Biomechanics looks at how the rider's body influences the horse and how the two can change for the best in relation to horse riders and their horses. We often find that rider's "bad habits" are a result of a weakness or imbalance elsewhere, and by finding and correcting these imbalances can help your horse to carry himself and you with ease, allowing him to perform to his best.

Looking at rider biomechanics and their effects on the horse can help to highlight pain patterns and issues being suffered by both the horse and rider alike to help create change for the better. Often, minor niggles that the rider picks up on, such as the horse performing better on one rein, are due to poor biomechanics and can easily be changed.

With a background in understanding in fine detail just how the human and horse's bodies work, our sessions consider the rider's actions and the horse and how the saddle interacts with the rider.


When we meet a new rider, we take our time to find out more about them and their horse, their concerns, their goals and any previous injuries they've had. We quietly stand back and watch you ride as you would normally without judgment or comment. It's important to precisely understand what is happening without the rider being nervous. We use Visualise Jackets to create reference points and often use slow-motion video clips, which we use during feedback to highlight what we see.

We always run through an unmounted session to assess the rider osteopathically and detect any areas that need to be worked on. We often assess the horse's joints and talk about tack too during a session to make sure we get an accurate overall picture

All this provides us with a vast amount of information! We can then discuss our findings with you and show you any media we've taken of you so you can see what's happening too.

From here, we formulate a plan of action specifically for you to strengthen areas of weakness and make tangible changes that are easy to replicate before running through a mounted exam again and reassessing what changes have occurred.

We frequently use aids such as franklin balls, MFR release balls, Kinesio tape and resistance bands to help the rider work on their own body. These sessions are suitable for all riders, from pleasure riders to the Olympic/Paralympic level and across all disciplines.

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