RSI has become a common phenomenon and caused by any movement or action that is repeated excessively, making groups of muscles tighten up.
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Repetitive Strain Injury, commonly abbreviated to RSI, has become a regularly seen phenomenon and is caused by any movement or action that is repeated excessively, making groups of muscles tighten and contract. The result of this overuse is swelling to the tendons and muscles that is often combined with a continuous ache that gets worse as the day progresses.

Our posture, whether playing sport or sat driving a car, has a huge impact on RSI’s. Finger, thumb, elbow, wrist, shoulder and spinal issues can often be pinpointed to issues with posture, frequently from excessive keyboard and mouse usage, poor seated posture, poor lifting technique, texting on mobile phones and the use of games consoles. Common examples of RSI’s from sport include Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow, often as a result of over playing and poor technique.

We can all relate to the cartoon office worker who is slumped in their office chair at their desk in front of a computer, shoulders rolled forwards and chin on their chest, typing away furiously. That character must have significant pain as even subtle changes away from good posture can create an imbalance.

Osteopathy can be of huge benefit for people suffering with RSI’s. Our aim is to determine what the root cause of the overstrain is and effectively formulate a successful treatment plan from there. Once the cause is identified, treatment involves a combination of gentle soft tissue work, mobilisations and, should the need arise, manipulation or “clicking”.

Our treatments are always combined with a rehabilitation programme to strengthen weak muscles and will also include postural advice for your individual work and home environments, to help you break the repetitive cycle and enjoy life again. We will willingly work with your employer if needed to help make the changes you need.

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