Treatment can help to overcome and prevent headaches for most people by addressing the root cause of pain
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For some people head pain is an everyday occurrence and can have a significant impact on their enjoyment of life. However, all is not lost because treatment can help to overcome pain and reduce frequency of headaches for most people by simply addressing the root cause of the pain.

Headaches are temporary pains that occur anywhere in the head and can affect one or both sides of the head at the same time. Often, the people we see with ongoing headaches are due to neck problems or postural issues, but there can be many causes for their pain.

Migraines are a more severe, throbbing head pain that are often one sided and can be combined with symptoms such as feeling sick, dizziness, flashing lights in your vision and hearing disturbances.

As a patient in our clinic, we will work with you to identify where your head pain is coming from and the best course of treatment to help ease your pain. As well as assessing your neck, we frequently look at how the rib cage works and the spine the ribs attach to and offer exercise and strengthening advice to help you stay fighting fit! We will always refer you for further investigation with your GP if we need to.

Our approach to treating headaches not only treats the sore bit but to treat the whole body. We are trained to use a naturopathic approach to our work and will work with you to make any postural, exercise and dietary changes we discuss, as changes environment can be very beneficial. We make sure we tackle head pain from all angles.

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