Is modern living contributing to your aches and pains?

In today's modern world many of us suffer from injuries and pain in our muscles and joints arising not only from our hobbies, but from our lifestyles, work and illnesses too. We now spend far longer sitting behind computers, bent over our mobile devices and stuck in traffic behind the wheel of a car. We appear to do very little exercise and tend to neglect our bodies. When it comes to pain, too often we see only the symptoms being treated medication but sometimes we need to look at why the pain is originally occurring, not just that it's there. Sciatica is a prime example of this.

We often hear that someone has sciatica and the doctor has prescribed medication to help to mask the pain, but the definition of sciatica itself is pain effecting the leg, therefore it's use as a diagnosis doesn't describe what the root cause of it is. The sciatic nerve is made of 5 nerve roots that exit the spine, and combine together to create a thick, cord like nerve which runs through the pelvis and down the leg to the foot. Osteopathy looks not only at the pain in the leg, but at the body as a whole functioning unit, to assess why the nerves in the back, that are the beginnings of the sciatic nerve, are compromised and how the issue arises; maybe from bony changes, disc issues, tight muscles or postural issues.

There are things we can do at home to help stop aggravating pain such as active rest, being conscious to avoid doing things that make the pain worse whilst still keeping ourselves mobile and being conscious that we don't have poor posture. Manual therapists frequently recommend the use of heat packs, such as wheat bags, to help give temporary relief for pain at home and the use of a pillow between the knees, if lying on your side, to help lessen back pain. However, sometimes the problem can get the better of us, and seeking further help is then a good idea, but where should you go?

At Nene Valley Osteopathy we look slightly differently at the issue. We work by trying to help you discover the root cause of the problem through a series of questions, gentle movements and some simple tests before using hands on techniques such as massage and stretching to improve how your body tissues work.

Whilst we are primarily Osteopaths, we may also draw on a plethora of other techniques we are qualified in, such as myofascial release, acupuncture and kinesio taping, where suitable, to help fine tune each treatment to your particular needs. Appointments will often include supporting advice relevant to your condition, such as ideas for small changes or exercises that work with your lifestyle to make a difference.

By using an all-encompassing approach to treatments, osteopathy is not limited to specifically painful back condition it works on but can help all joints and muscles in the body. Treatments are gentle but effective, and suitable for everyone from office worker to sports stars.

There is still some speculation from some people about visiting an osteopath, that they will have their back "cracked" or that it will be painful, but we believe that shouldn't be the case and that Osteopathy can be incredibly gentle. We will only work using techniques that you are happy to have used on you. If something is concerning you, you should stop us and ask us to explain what we are doing, we will be only too happy to explain what's happening and work with you to modify it if necessary.

If you're suffering with muscle and joint aches, or sports injuries and strains, why not take control of your pain and pay us a visit, you may be pleasantly surprised! 

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