5 quick tips to boost body health

  1. Stretch your body often:
    Having a sedentary lifestyle isn't great for our health. Our bodies are designed to move frequently. You don't have to do hours of yoga a day to stretch well, some shoulder rolls or ankle rolls can be done sat at your desk, and a quick walk round the office can be good to move your legs! We can all find time to do 5 – 10 minutes stretching a day.

  2. Find time for mindfulness – even if it's just 10 minutes:
    Our busy lifestyles can often drain our energy and leave us feeling like we have no time for ourselves. Take a few minutes daily to just sit and do nothing. Mindfulness can be described as feeling like sitting on a park bench and watching the traffic go past. Allow the thoughts to come and go without paying undue attention to them. It seems small but can make a massive difference

  3. If you use public transport get off a stop early and walk!
    By getting off the bus or tube train a stop or two before you need to, you can easily add a boost to your daily step count, allowing you to enjoy some fresh air and enjoy the benefits walking offers, both physically and psychologically.

  4. Be aware of your posture, especially if you work from a desk all day:
    Whilst it's now being understood that posture isn't quite as diligently important as it was previously thought, it's still good practice not to stay in one posture for long periods of time. Movement is critical to good joint health and more widely recognised than posture, so keep yourself active through the day and stand up/walk frequently.

  5. Choose the stairs over the escalator or lift:
    Why take the lift when taking the stairs can serve as some quick cardiovascular activity? Make your health key and take the stairs, it keeps you moving, and your body will thank you!
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